lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Polishes Monday.

Estaba un poco aburrida y no sabía qué hacerme en las uñas así que me puse a experimentar con las esponjitas, uds me dicen que tal quedo esto.

I was a bit bored and didn't know what to do on my nails so I started to experiment with the cosmetic sponges, you tell me how this turned out!

Necesitaras lo siguiente:
You'll need the following items: 

1. Pinta las uñas de un color base de tu preferencia.
1. Paint your nails with a base colour of your choice.

 2. Pon una gota de esmalte en la cartulina y con la esponjita pinta la punta de las uñas de un color diferente, empieza con poco esmalte y ve construyendo el color poco a poco. 
2. Drop a gout of polish on the cardboard and with the sponge paint the tip of the nails with a different colour, start with a small amount of polish and built the colour slowly. 

3. Agrega un brillo sellador y esta listo. 
3. Add your favourite top coat and it's done.

Pd. Resalta mas con escarcha.
Ps. It looks better with glitter. 

7 comentarios:

  1. Lovely! Sponging is one of my favorite techniques!!

  2. love your nails! the glitter looks so pretty :)

  3. wow how did you do that, it looks difficult!

  4. Your nails are gorgeous! I like the colour combo. Great job.

  5. Hey,
    I found your blog because you follow Ashley’s blog (Ring my bell) and I thought I would check out a few other Bloggers that follow her. She has great style and I really like your as well. You have a awesome blog and this post is great, gorgeous nails! It would be cool if we could follow each other!
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  6. Love the graphite colour of the polish.